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Firebird International Insurance Group offers high quality, reliable, international student and traveler insurance products.

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International Student Service

Coverage Orientation

Quarterly Sessions

New international students need information on how their insurance plan works, where to get an ID card, how to find a doctor or hospital, how to submit a claim, and where to get help. We can handle that.

Doctor Searches

Simple Online Search

When a student needs a doctor they are typically sick and so need a simple and easy method to find doctors that accept their insurance. We provide online tools to make this search easy.

Claims Processing

Online Claim Process

When it is time for a student to submit a manual claim we provide an online solution or 24 hour phone support for submitting documentation and reviewing the claim in a timely manner.

Other Coverage Options

Firebird Insurance Group provides insurance solutions for international students and international travelers. Our plan options provide dependent, dental, study abroad, and business/leisure insurance.

Other Coverage Information

Welcome to the 2019-2020 academic school term!


We have changed plan/claims administrators for the 2019-2020 plan year and effective Fall quarter/semester 2019, you will need to ensure you have the new insurance ID card (as pictured below), which you can obtain at your international student office at your school.


Old Card

New Card